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Ecoutez Jean Claude Ades - Shingaling

Jean Claude Ades is a global player, born and raised in Italy, residing in Munich, and a regular in Ibiza. Even though he started as a pianist, at heart he is a producer, DJ, remixer and songwriter. After learning the piano from scratch, he went the way of the synthesizer, keyboards and computers, all the way to become a producer. For the last 10 years the 32-year old has been influencing the international Dance Scene with his remixes, productions and with his highly energetic DJ sets. His early productions, e.g., “Shake That Ass”, “The Colour Of My Style”, “Everything I Do”, and others, opened the door for him to various major companies.

Down to the present day, enthusiasts of house music around the world will remember the melody of his 2003 hit record “I Begin To Wonder” featuring Dannii Minogue which reached number 1 in the sales charts in Italy, 2 in the UK, 3 in France, 2 in Australia and went top ten in several other countries. His remix of “Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On” made it on to the 1 spot of the Billboard Radio Dance Charts in the USA.

In 2005 Jean Claude Ades took the next logical step forward, he started his own label “Swings Records”, after getting back his independence, he created the right basis for his own productions. Being his own A&R is of utmost importance to him, since for him bending the “Jean Claude Ades Sound” for commercial reasons is beyond all question. Under these unrestricted circumstances, Jean Claude made a direct hit with the first release on Swings. His track “Someday”, featuring vocals by Niki Haris (formerly “Snap” and background vocalist for Madonna), made it onto the playlists of several renown global players like ………and became a club anthem and fast-selling record after a very short period of time. Shortly after, his remix of the US number 1 hit “Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes - Don’t Cha” attracted massive attention and skyrocketed to the 1 position of the Dance Charts. Almost simultaneously, his remix of the Electro hit of the year 2005 “Coburn – We Interrupt This Program” was released on “Swings Records” followed by another smasher “Fly Away” ft. Rufus Martin which was immediately picked by Ministry of Sound and became a massive club hit around the globe.

His production and DJ style can best be described in the context of his music philosophy: “Music must sound global, like a mix from 30 different countries, but still harmonic”. This maxim manifests in his intoxicating dj-sets, where classic House beats meet contemporary electronic elements. Well tried and renowned sounds with a little twist on Pioneer CDJ 1000 turn into something progressive and absolutely new – bassful electro fuses with uplifting House, vocals and pumping bass drums until the crowd is caught in a breathtaking break-down, waiting for the next drumbeat that will make them freak and go bananas. These are the moments Jean Claude loves playing for. Gigs at the best clubs and festivals around the world e.g. Cocoon, Loveparade, Heineken Beach Festivals Taiwan and HongKong,Defcon Festival Melbourne,Embassy Club Manilla, Zima, Osen, Leto, Fabrique Moscow, Retro Jakarta, Double Six Bali (Indonesia), MTV Battle of the DJ..s, MTV Designerama ,MTV Parties in the Tunesian Dessert,MTV European Music Awards in Munich 2007. Sirena,Pacha, .. (Brazil)

Jean Claude was also the exclusive DJ at the Giorgio Armani fashion show in Berlin. as well as the Loveparade in Berlin proof that he is in great demand and a truly international DJ.

In the near future the turmoil around the sympathetic DJ promises not to cease, his debut artist album is scheduled for 2008, it will feature several surprises on his Label Swings Rec. and of course the best versions of his long list of already released club hits. In 2006 he did the Kontor Top Of The Clubs Vol. 30 Compilation and the Ministry Of Sound Clubbers Guide To Ibiza 2006. He just finished mixing the brand new compilation "Live Fast die Beautiful" on his own label Swings records and he is going on tour through South America,Asia & Australia.

Dimanche 29 Juin 2008 - 15:35
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