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Neimo - Moderne Incidental

The sound of the Parisian underground has reached our shores once again and is about to nestle it’s refined yet raw rock and roll self amongst our own indie scene.

Neïmo offer their unique sonic sphere accompanying Bruno’s husky and melodic vocals, the guitar morphs under electronic impulses – and it’s impossible to not capture your attention. Catchy, effective pop and arrogant, sensual rock come together with a resolutely Anglo-Saxon benediction. Neïmo’s main goal is to stick to the essentials. Their compositions get right to the point: the song. Simplicity and success go hand in hand, which is why the group has met with growing success for the past two years on the underground and mainstream scenes, charming its fans in nightclubs and festivals.

To bottle up their onstage energy, the arrangements, guitar solos and clever references sprinkled here, their debut album, "From Scratch", was the perfect introduction and taster towards what this band is really capable of. Neïmo is a group with high standards. This is also why the boys created their own label, Big Fields, to ensure the freedom of the group in terms of their music and approach in France.

Now with their second album “Modern Incidental” set for release next spring and after signing to US based Shangri-La Music, the new music company headed by Jeff Ayeroff (co-founder and former CEO of Virgin US, and more recently Vice Chairman of Warner Records), the lads are now ready to revolutionize and refresh rock and roll.

You’ve heard the buzz, now you must be part of this refreshing Parisian rock and roll movement about to hit embark Stateside. Vive la Révolution, indeed!

Dimanche 29 Juin 2008 - 15:53
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